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Sighting in British Columbia....tracks recovered!!

       On Monday July 9th, 2012 a man was fishing near Pink Mountain, BC. The fishing was no good in the spot he was at so he was moving up towards a  bend in the river. Everything was just as quiet as could be when all of a sudden some birds went flying towards him as if something had scared them off. The fisherman turned and looked that way and on the other side of the river he saw a huge brown figure crossing into the trees. Immediately he pulled out his bear spray and crept around the bend to make sure there were no cubs sitting on the beach. When he got around the corner there were no cubs but there was several tracks.
     The guy quickly ran back to his vehicle to get his cell phone so he could video the tracks. He also crossed the river and found more tracks. The tracks on the other side had a stride of about 1.5 meters between them. Although the otherside of the river was not as muddy you could still make out the tracks as they went into the forest.
     Tuesday the guy returned to work and was showing the stuff he found to one of his co-workers. The guy told him he should contact The Sasquatch Hunters about this[as you all should if you have a sighting]. So he called me Tuesday evening and I asked him if he could cast some of the tracks. The guy agreed to do so and has sent them our way. After we get a look at them we will be sending them to Dr.Meldrum for analysis. From first glance some of the tracks look real but we are waiting on the cast before we make a decision.

Possible sighting in Licking County Ohio reported June 2012

     My friend and I were hanging out in an abandoned baseball field.  We had just found this place and wanted to explore it because there were a lot of abandoned buildings there.  On our way back to the car we saw something to our right run from one part of the forest, through an open field and into the other side of the forest.  It was white in color, and what we think would be 5 feet tall, on two legs and hunched over.  It was running really fast.  I cannot even compare it to another animal, it was so different from anything I had ever seen.  We walked toward the forest where it disappeared and noticed that the grass had been pushed down.  We were pretty creeped out, so we left at that time.

   The next day we returned, because my friends did not believe me.  We showed them the path that (whatever it was) had made, and the path was still obvious.  We followed the path and my girlfriend found dried mud, or possibly feces that reeked and had white hair in it.

   In the forest we found many areas where the grass had been pushed down.  We also found an area that looked like it may have been where something would sleep, because the grass was long gone.  We saw some broken branches close to where a stick hut was.  We noticed trees that had been broken near a patched area covered with a stick bush.  The area was big enough for four people to sit in comfortably.  The whole area looked constructed in some ways to me.

   We do not really know for certain if any of these things are related to the creature that we saw.  We did not collect the mud/fecal matter, but if we are still able to do so, could we send a sample to you for analysis?  We did take some pictures of the area from my phone that I could forward to you.

   I really hope you guys can shed some light on this, because I am now intrigued !!


As reported to:

Stacy Brown, Jr.


The Sasquatch Hunters

Sasquatch Prowler


    La Plata, Maryland -April 5th, 2012.  At approximatley 5:15 P.M. four eyewitnesses from ages 17 to 18 were playing video games when one of them looked out of the window.  He saw an 8 foot tall creature standing behind his fence watching them play games.  He couldn't believe what he was seeing so he told his friends  "come look at this". They were just as awestruck as he was when they realized they were looking at a sasquatch.

   The eyewitness said it looked at them for over a minute then turned and walked back into the woods.  Even though he was young, his story sounded truthful and he would not go out there after I asked him to "go out there and look for tracks".  The fence was 6 feet tall.  It appears that there may be a sasquatch in this neighborhood who really wants to play some "Halo"... 


Stacy Brown Jr.


The Sasquatch Hunters

Early morning road crossing

November, 2010-Wakulla County, FL


   Early one morning in November of 2010 a man, (who wants to be kept anonymous) was driving home from work.  It was about 3:30 A.M. on a real foggy night.  

   He was traveling down Smith Creek Highway towards Soppchoppy, FL.  He came around a corner and was traveling downhill towards a bridge when all of a sudden a large hairy creature jumped across the road.  The witness said he knew what it was when he saw it.  "It jumped across the road in two steps" he said.  He stared in that direction as he came across the bridge.  It was gone.  He said he slammed on the brakes upon crossing the bridge.  "I don't know why I did that, I was scared as hell, so, I quickly drove off" he said.

   The witness claims it was 8 foot tall and solid black.  I have talked to him a couple of times and even went to the location with him.  I believe what he says.  The incident occured between Stoutamire Landing Road and Jack Langston Road.


Stacy Brown, Jr.


The Sasquatch Hunters

The Whistler

November, 2009-Carrabelle, FL


   One evening while hunting in Tate's Hell, a man returned from his tree stand.  His freind was still out hunting.  He started putting up his rifle and gear when he heard a rustling in the bushes near the front of his truck.  He thought it was his buddy, so he whistled.  He then heard a reply whistle and assumed it was his friend.  Then he shut his tailgate and came around the side of his truck.  The next thing he knew, he was face to face with a 9 foot tall sasquatch.

   He said it was solid black in color.  The hair looked course and matted.  The beast then screamed in his face, turned and walked away.  He was scared and jumped in the truck.  He laid on the horn and got on the radio to tell his friend what had happend. 

   The witness said that when it was in front of him it omitted a foul odor, much like a skunk, but much more pungent.

   The witness has never been back to that place and would not go there with me.  This is one of sixteen reports I received from that area.


Stacy Brown, Jr.  


The Sasquatch Hunters

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