The Brown Footage

On Tuesday May 8th, 2012 Stacy Brown Sr. and Stacy Brown Jr. were out in the woods of northern Florida.  They were doing what they usually do....looking for Sasquatch.  The following report tells the events leading up to and following the filming of the video.  This report is based on the interviews they did with each other immediately after the incident.

   At 6:15 PM, they arrived at the spot where they park.  The two unloaded everything out of the truck and headed down the mile-long trail to the place where they would be camping for the evening.  It had just rained, so it was really humid out and everything was wet.  About 6:55 PM they arrived at the location where they would camp.  After setting up their tents Jr. started up the fire.
   The plan they had was a simple one; one they usually followed if they were getting to an area late in the evening - start a fire, cook some food and play music through the boombox.  This may not seem like a good idea but if you're in a remote area where people don't usually camp, this can be a good way to draw the sasquatch in.
   The night seemed to go by without a peep until 11:00 PM.  That's when they started hearing the noises.  First it started with a knock.  Both of them heard it and looked at each other.  They quickly wrote it off as nothing and went back to the conversation they were having.  About five minutes later they heard another knock.  That's when they started paying closer attention.  Shortly after that they started hearing footfalls coming from around the camp.  After about fifteen minutes of this and two more knocks (one was preceded by a growling/grunting sound), they turned up the radio and got the FLIR ready so they could slip out of camp, hoping to catch whatever was making the noises on film.
     They headed down the trail with their lights out;  Stacy, Sr. running the FLIR[in black heat mode.This allowed Sr. to see the ground better than in white heat mode] and Stacy, Jr. filming him with the Sony Nightshot.  While going down the trail, they continued to hear the sounds of something big moving through the brush ahead.  After about 20 minutes of walking down the trail they heard something close - real close.  That's when Stacy, Sr. saw a black spot on the thermal indicating a living object.  He paused and watched it for a minute.  When he noticed it peeking out from behind a tree, he started to record.  The next 22 seconds would come as a major shock to him.
   Since the incident, they have been heavily investigating the area, trying to determine size of the creature and find out exactly where they were standing.  Once again, it was completely dark so they had no idea exactly where they were, only the general area they were in.  After months of investigation, they teamed up with Cliff Barackman (of Finding Bigfoot) to help with the investigation.  After countless hours of hard work they finally believe they have found the spot where the footage was captured, and figured out the size of the creature.
   For the full investigation, visit Cliff's website at .  The Sasquatch Hunters want to say thanks to Cliff.  Without him, they would never have gotten these numbers or figured out the spot they were in.  Cliff is by far the best squatcher on the planet and one of the coolest people in the field.  He rocks!!

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