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New Strucutre found in florida

The group is out on the scene in Florida and have found some very interesting structures,breaks and tracks at one of our sites. Check out the videos below!!!

The 2015 skunk ape conference

The second annual Skunk ape conference will be held on September 18-20 at the beautiful Torreya State park in liberty county FL. It's also home to the thermal footage we got a few years back. This year will be a way different event. We will be having a campout instead of a hotel. Trying to make this thing not so dull. Friday there will be a campfire meet and greet. saturday we start off with lunch, then our speakers[classes] followed by dinner and last but not least a hunt for the elusive beast!!! Tickets are $100 and that includes camping fees,firewood fees, lunch and dinner. We only have 60 spots availible so get them quick!!


Finally, the video you all have waited to see!!

New Hoodies in just in time for fall

That's right we have new Hoodies for all you guys and gals out there. We have all sizes availible and a limited quantity so get them while we still have them. They are $30. To purchase click on link below. Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping. Wear the best!!!!

This just in!!! we have possession of a non-human primate arm!!![update]

We recieved a non-human primate arm this morning. FWC officials ruled out bear and human by the makeup of the bones. What kind of primate arm this is we dont know as of yet. Here is a photograph of the arm. We are in talks now with people to test the samples we send. We are hopeful this may be a skunk ape's arm. We will find out for sure one way or another. This was found in an area with alot of bigfoot activity. We even found a trackway in the sand in april with 100+ tracks. We will keep you updated and hope to have a video of the arm this evening. Happy Labor day!!!

The 2014 Florida Skunk Ape Conference

That's right the first ever Florida Skunk Ape conference will be held in Orlando, FL on September 19th-20th. Speakers will include Dr.Jeff Meldrum, Lyle Blackburn, Stacy Brown Jr., David Lauer and more...Click on the menu above for more info and to purchase tickets. This is the first one ever so get yours quick...they wont last!!!

Comedians talk Bigfoot with Stacy Brown

Stacy Brown Jr and David Lauer sit down with Ed Brown

Ed Brown recently did interviews with Stacy Brown Jr and David Lauer....and well here they are!!!

Stacy and Dave win the 10 million dollar bigfoot bounty!!!

That's right Stacy and Dave brought home the gold as they won the show and cemented theirselves as the top bigfoot researchers in the world. They didnt find Bigfoot but they did get a 100k research grant which they will put to getting the job done..Great job guys!!!

10 million dollar bigfoot bounty airs tonight!!!

That's right the day is finally here. !0 million dollar bigfoot bounty airs tonight @ 10pm on Spike tv!! The show is hosted by Dean Cain and our very own Stacy and Dave are contestants. Set your dvr's and tune in @ 10pm to see how they fare......Tonight the south rises again!!!!

Bigfoot encounter in Helen GA

Man has encounter with Sasquatch at 12 ft away!! Steven Strings interviews the witness and his story is incredible!!!

Spike TV releases the promo for "10 million dollar Bigfoot Bounty" and it's bad ass!!!

I saw Bigfoot!! Teaser trailer out now

I saw Bigfoot!! The new documentary chronicling the Brown footage encounter is coming out in January and you can watch the teaser for it now. The movie is directed by Stacy Brown Jr and has never before seen footage of the encounter as it happened. It comes out in January 2014,  we will keep you posted on it as more comes out.

Watch the ongoing Micanopy investigation

David Lauer has been on the scene in Micanopy Florida investigating a man's property where there is belived to be a skunk ape dwelling!!!

11/22/2013:Don't miss Finding Bigfoot this Sunday!!

Don't miss Finding Bigfoot this Sunday. The show is titled "Best evidence yet" and will feature The Brown Footage. Tune in as Stacy Sr. and Jr. hang with Cliff and the gang on one of the best episodes to date!!! click here for story

11/22/2013: Stacy and Dave are contestants on Spike TV's new program!!!

That's right The Sasquatch Hunters very own Stacy and Dave are going to be competing on Spike TV's new program 10 million dollar Bigfoot Bounty!! The show airs January 10th 2014 and will feature 9 two person teams as they roam the pacific northwest in search of DNA evidence of Bigfoot. Click here for rest of story

11/20/2013: Puerto Rican Bigfoot

I personally never heard of a Bigfoot in Puerto rico, However that dont mean a thing. I never really researched nor have I been to Puerto rico. So I thought this article was cool. It was a good read while I was having my coffee and nicotine. Click here for story

Retired forest ranger interview part 2

Interview with retired forest ranger

A retired forest ranger comes forward with a very intriguing story. Is he telling the truth? Watch and decide for yourself!!

Possible skunk ape video-enhanced!!

Is this a juvenile skunk ape?

The photos in this video were taken in Havana Florida about 20 miles from where we filmed the squatch on thermal. Could it be a baby squatch? You decide

Trackway found in north Florida

Stacy Brown Jr. and David Lauer find tracks and hair this last weekend in north Florida

Tree structures found near the film site!!

On one of our public expeditions one of the attendees, Kenny, found some really cool structures while wandering through the woods. He looked around for a little while and then returned to camp to take me to the spot. Upon seeing the spot it seemed almost if something had been placing these trees there to obstruct view from the outside of the thicket. There were trails inside this thicket that would lead to the other "rooms" in the thicket. I say rooms because the trail would come into these spots where all the brush had been pulled back and was fairly open. Also it appeared as if there were beds where these trees were laid down[some of the trees were not from the immediate area] almost if you were wanting to stay off of the ground. The bark was peeled off of most of the trees and nowhere to be found. I looked for it. There was also smaller structures that looked alot harder to make. It was odd and wasnt natural. All of these were in a big thicket that looked very dense. However upon entering it had a series of trails and opened up in several places. Below is the video and some pictures of the structures. We are going to go back to the site in a few days and investigate the area further....SBJ

Biggest "room"
close up of right end of structure
Left end of structure
These trees were not from the area
Bedding area
Tops of these trees were interlocked where one of them forked

Get your Sasquatch Pendants!!!

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Squatch in the mines: update 5

Squatch in the mines: update 4

Squatch in the mines: update 3

Squatch in the mines: update 2

Squatch in the Mines: update 1

My opinion on recent claims

   Recently a certain someone in the community has been tooting his own horn so to speak about how his methods are hands down above the rest. He says we are silly for doing it other ways and tells us how his are better. Now I would listen to this and urge all you guys to do the same if there was one shred of proof to back his claims. He says he sits and waits for them to come in. Leaving them gifts and they do the same. Now let me say that this may be a very good way for people to squatch. Especially for the older crowd. This is not the way I do things but there is no doubt in my mind that this could work. There are plenty of reports to back this hypothesis. However I do not think that this is the only way to get interaction. Nor do I think this way is hands down better than sliced bread. This way is extremly boring to me. I have done it plenty of times so I know what im talking about. However it could work. This is where the story gets weird.

  The claims of softly speaking to the squatch/forest people and getting them to come in is just the tip of the iceberg. What I am about to tell you is really a claim from this guy. I swear im not making it up. He claims that the squatch have a cloaking ability and will mindspeak to him. Who knows what they say but im impressed that they mindspeak in english. Anyways he says that he has witnessed these creatures cloak themselves right in front of him and I guess they have mind spoke to him on several occasions.

   This is where I have to laugh. I want you guys to understand something...the book on Bigfoot has not been wrote yet. Therefore our understandings of these creatures is minimal. Mainly just gathering info from what we see ourselves. Now he claims this to have happened. I for one do not believe it though. Not saying he is a liar but I just believe we are looking for a flesh and blood animal that has no magic abilities at all. Never underestimate[especially if your educated like a Dr. would be] a creatures ability to blend in with it's natural surroundings. Most animals are equipped to do just this so they may survive the wilderness. So what this may be is a case of needing glasses or not fully understanding what is happening. Afterall if they could cloak themselves like the aliens from the Arnold movie "Predator" dont you think Patty would have cloaked herself? Or how about the Sasquatch in the Freeman and Brown Footage? All of these creatures knew they were being seen. The one in the video me and pops filmed hid but did not cloak itself. It could have and would have if it had that ability. See there is no need to tree peek or hide at all if you have this ability. Matter a fact if they can cloak they are probably walking thru our neighborhoods right now.

    I guess what im trying to say is that if this incredible claim is true, back it up with some evidence. Prove me wrong...please!! Let us know what we are up against. Dont just tell us we are wrong or "silly". Put your money where your mouth is. They come to you and mindspeak to you. So im sure they wont mind you filming them. Afterall they dont fear you. Now I know what the response will be " I dont have anything to prove" and if that's the case then quit trying to prove your ways are better, quit coming up with these other worldy claims and keep your mouth shut. Stuff like this makes the whole community look like a bunch of loons that need a Psychiatrist's help....or maybe it's the psychiatrist that really needs the help;)


   Stacy Brown Jr.

Tracks found in Myakka Florida!!!

  We were just sent these photographs from Myakka FL. While we have our reservations about these tracks, we were not there in person and cannot make a solid decision. Also we were not able to get casts from the tracks so it's kinda a disapointment. Either way we thought we would share them with you and let you decide for yourself.

 There were three tracks total. Two lefts and one right. They were coming out of the water up onto the grass. The water in this area is very low and the fish literally have nowhere to go. So it makes since these tracks would be there [if they are from a real squatch]. Afterall thats what the guy that found these tracks was there for....the fishing!!! 

Sasquatch sighted in Helen,Georgia

 On the weekend of May 3rd we loaded up and headed for Helen Georgia. This is one of my favorite places to squatch so I was really looking forward to this and had been brainstorming for weeks.

  The first day we spent in the town trying to dig up reports. Which is something we always do when we get to a new area. Good thing we did because we ran into the people at cabin rentals of Helen. They told us that one of their renters had a sighting the night before. We were stoked. So we ended up getting up with the witnesses and this is their story.

   We are headed back to investigate the site later this month. You can check it out at We cant wait!!!

Earlier today I was contacted by someone in the Dyer camp that I had been talking to for weeks. They finally told me that they were now convinced that I was right all along. It was all a hoax. He said he had the photos to prove it. He sent me photos of a costume and then photos of the mask used in the "shooting Bigfoot" movie. After looking at them myself I realized he was telling the truth. I asked him "why did you believe this if you had these pics?". He then let me know that he knew it was a hoax all along. He said him and Rick had a bad falling out and the world needed to know. Could he be lying to me? Sure he could, but the photos tell the truth. The last pic in the above video is online and you can look it up. Fb/Fb has ranked it as #1 with the Patterson film. I can't post it though because Minnow Films has sent letters out saying they will sue anyone who has it up since it was illegally obtained. So watch the video and decide for yourself. My mind is already made up....HOAX!!!!!

Myakka skunk ape investigation update!!!

The Sasquatch Hunters film Two Florida Panthers

New "how to" series by The Sasquatch Hunters. Episode 1....Casting

The Myakka skunk ape investigation part 3

The Myakka skunk ape investigation part 2

The Myakka Skunk Ape investigation part 1

The Sasquatch Hunters investigate the Myakka skunk ape footage!!

Yeah im sure you all know by now that the Sasquatch Hunters have been on the scene and investigating this recent footage. Well they are back and the videos will start to roll out. Here is the first one. This is a interview with a local witness. Enjoy!!

The Sasquatch Hunters in the news!!!!!

The quest for Sasquatch-wctv channel 6 [Tallahassee FL]

Check out this howl recorded on our public expedition last weekend!!!

Stay tuned for more info about the trip

Possible squatch howl and knocks recorded November 9, 2012

Knocks in north Florida 10/12/2012

   David and Stacy Jr. recorded some knocks in north Florida.  The next day they found some pretty cool stick formations.

David and Emmette find possible sasquatch hair and track in northeast Florida!!!

   After following up on some recent activity that has been happening here in Northeast Florida, I realized that many of the sightings reported had a common trait - they were along a creek that runs through a large nature preserve that borders many neighborhoods.  I had to get deep into some of Florida's bottomland forest to observe what I could and collect any evidence that I could find.  I'm glad that I did!

   I was walking on a trail for quite a while and came across a downed tree.  As I looked more closely at the downed tree, I noticed that there was black hair on the limbs.  There were quiet a few hairs ranging from about 8-16 inches in length.  Just beyond the downed tree was a smaller tributary creek that runs into the north fork of the larger creek that is associated with many sightings in my neck of the woods.

As I was crossing the creek I saw a stump with two clay pots on it.  One pot was on top and the other on the side.  I'm not saying that this is bigfoot related, but it was certainly odd to see them there.  Why would they be so far from any house?  Why would a hunter carry these so far for target practice, and risk breaking them on the rough walk, while carrying a rifle or shotgun?  Whatever the case I thought it was odd.

   Not even 10 yards away from the stump I found a track on the watery edge of the creek.  The track was approximately 15 inches in length.  I couldn't cast the track because it was already filling up with water.  About 100 yards up the trail from the hair, stump and track, there was a small broken limb from an oak tree.  I looked for the tree that the limb came from, but could not find it.  I looked at the smaller branches on the limb for hair and couldn't find any.  I looked on the ground near the limb and found a clump of hair.  This hair was more blonde in color and the length was between 2 and 4 inches.

   As a researcher, my job is to collect what I believe is evidence while in the field and examine it thoroughly before I say for sure what it is.  Based on the number of sightings in the area; the vast amount of land where a large primate could move around undetected; and the evidence I found in the field, I believe this place is well worth the effort for future investigations.

   If you have had a sighting, or would like more information on this area feel free to email me, my email is on the "About Us" section of our website.

   If you live in the area and are interested in attending future expeditions, please contact Stacy Brown, Jr. for more information.


David Lauer

Field Investigator

Knocks recorded December 22nd, 2012

   Stacy Brown Jr., Stacy Brown Sr., Matt Roberts and Josh Watson were on the Apalachicola River when they recorded these knocks.  Sasquatch?  Listen and judge for yourself!!!

Possible sasquatch filmed in north Florida

On Tuesday May 8th, 2012 Stacy Brown Sr. and Stacy Brown Jr. were out in the woods of northern Florida.  They were doing what they usually do....looking for Sasquatch.  The following report tells the events leading up to and following the filming of the video.  This report is based on the interviews they did with each other immediately after the incident.

   At 6:15 PM, they arrived at the spot where they park.  The two unloaded everything out of the truck and headed down the mile-long trail to the place where they would be camping for the evening.  It had just rained, so it was really humid out and everything was wet.  About 6:55 PM they arrived at the location where they would camp.  After setting up their tents Jr. started up the fire.
   The plan they had was a simple one; one they usually followed if they were getting to an area late in the evening - start a fire, cook some food and play music through the boombox.  This may not seem like a good idea but if you're in a remote area where people don't usually camp, this can be a good way to draw the sasquatch in.
   The night seemed to go by without a peep until 11:00 PM.  That's when they started hearing the noises.  First it started with a knock.  Both of them heard it and looked at each other.  They quickly wrote it off as nothing and went back to the conversation they were having.  About five minutes later they heard another knock.  That's when they started paying closer attention.  Shortly after that they started hearing footfalls coming from around the camp.  After about fifteen minutes of this and two more knocks (one was preceded by a growling/grunting sound), they turned up the radio and got the FLIR ready so they could slip out of camp, hoping to catch whatever was making the noises on film.
     They headed down the trail with their lights out;  Stacy, Sr. running the FLIR[in black heat mode.This allowed Sr. to see the ground better than in white heat mode] and Stacy, Jr. filming him with the Sony Nightshot.  While going down the trail, they continued to hear the sounds of something big moving through the brush ahead.  After about 20 minutes of walking down the trail they heard something close - real close.  That's when Stacy, Sr. saw a black spot on the thermal indicating a living object.  He paused and watched it for a minute.  When he noticed it peeking out from behind a tree, he started to record.  The next 22 seconds would come as a major shock to him. 
   Since the incident, they have been heavily investigating the area, trying to determine size of the creature and find out exactly where they were standing.  Once again, it was completely dark so they had no idea exactly where they were, only the general area they were in.  After months of investigation, they teamed up with Cliff Barackman (of Finding Bigfoot) to help with the investigation.  After countless hours of hard work they finally believe they have found the spot where the footage was captured, and figured out the size of the creature. 
   For the full investigation, visit Cliff's website at .  The Sasquatch Hunters want to say thanks to Cliff.  Without him, they would never have gotten these numbers or figured out the spot they were in.  Cliff is by far the best squatcher on the planet and one of the coolest people in the field.  He rocks!!
As reported to:
Glen Pieri
The Sasquatch Hunters

Possible sasquatch sighting in Canada !!


   My name is Sanel, and today December 12, 2012 at approximately 3 PM I was hiking with my dog up T-Pot Hill in Chilliwack (British Columbia, Canada).  On my way down, I was changing the music on my phone, not really paying much attention to my surroundings, when I noticed that my dog Lila was barking like crazy.  She was about 5 feet ahead of me and staring off into the distance.  So I stopped and looked ahead and that's when I noticed something in the bushes about 50 feet ahead of me.  I was so scared that I froze and just kept staring at the creature.

   After about a 10 second stare-down I switched my camera on and quickly took a picture.  Meanwhile my dog is still barking like crazy.  I then picked up a rock and threw it in that direction and quickly turned around and ran back up the hill.  I waited about 15 minutes until I saw someone else coming down the hill and followed closely behind that person all the back down.

   I do believe I saw a sasquatch/bigfoot that day.  If I could describe the creature, I would say it was about 8-9 feet tall, very hairy and big.  Its skin color was brownish.  Its face was something resembling a monkey/ape/gorilla.  


As reported to:

Glen Pieri

The Sasquatch Hunters

Watch Stacy Sr. & Jr. on "After Hours with Team Tazer" as they discuss the thermal video with Cliff Barackman!!!

Possible sasquatch howl recorded!!!

   During the first night of The Apalachicola Sasquatch Study, Matt Roberts, Stacy Brown, Jr. and Josh Watson were traveling north alongside the Apalachicola River.  At about 9:50 PM eastern time the group started to hear definite wood knocks coming from ahead.  

   The group traveled north for about twenty five minutes when they realized the knocks were coming from across the river.  So they decided to sit down and record for a while.  Also at this time, Stacy was conducting a phone-in radio interview.  After doing the interview for a while the hostess asked Stacy to do a sasquatch call.  Stacy obliged, and  following is a link to the audio recorded by Matt Roberts.  There are owls in the beginning, the howl is the last one recorded just before the end.  Enjoy!!!


Stacy Brown, Jr.

MP3 audio file [172.2 KB]

June 2012 sighting in Osceola County Florida

   At about 7:30 PM on Thursday June 21, 2012 a truck driver who wishes to remain anonymous reports the following sighting.  He was about seven miles west of Yeehaw Junction in Osceola County when he saw a bipedal creature on the side of the road carrying some road kill off into the bushes. 

  The truck driver was exiting the Florida turnpike and was heading west on State Road 60.  Just after passing a sign to the Three Lakes WMA, he noticed something in the middle of the road.  He slowed down so he wouldn't hit the creature.  As he got closer, he realized there were two animals in the road.  One animal was crouched down over the other.  As his vehicle approached the creature, it stood up on two legs, but appeared to be hunched over a little, as if it weren't standing up straight.  When he was about 50 to 75 yards from the creature, he said that the creature turned his upper body and looked in his direction.  The witness stated that the creature was covered with a dirty white/grayish hair or shaggy fur.  He thought it would be about 6 to 7 feet tall if it were standing up straight.

   The creature then dragged the second animal (road kill) off into the bushes.  I asked the witness if he could describe the animal that was being dragged, and he said it was a pig that had probably been hit by a car.  I asked if what he saw was a bear, and the witness stated that he has been a hunter for most of his life, and what he saw was no bear.

  After talking to the witness, I believe he is telling the truth.  He was still obviously a little shaken up from his sighting, and asked that his name and the name of the company he drives for not be published in this report.


David Lauer

Florida Investigator 

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Sasquatch sighted on last expedition in northern Florida!!

   Our expedition from March 29th through April 1st, 2012 in northern Florida was a rough one.  Between the rain, numerous bugs and just about every kind of snake you could think of, the trip was a rather quiet one.  We found a couple of possible tracks back in the swamp, but I'm thinking there just may have been some yahoo barefoot in snake country.  On Friday we found a structure with a game trail leading to it. (which by the way, was an awesome find Mike!!!).  It was big enough for two adults to get into and lay down.  That night we split up into two teams and headed to two different locations.  Then we fought the rain all night.  The rain made audio investigation pointless, so we turned in for the night.

   Early Saturday morning it poured for about five hours.  Once again we had leaking tents.  My duct taped tent kept us dry though.  So we pretty much hung around camp all day.  I was kind of dumbfounded that we had no activity at all. So while I was trying to figure out the plan for the evening, Glenn "The Bull" Williams said that they had recorded a whistle.  I immediately listend to it and realized that there was a howl there they had overlooked.  So we loaded up and went to that area.

    That night we started out with a fire and some Indian (Native American) chant music to draw them in.  I know it sounds stupid, but it works.  Anyway, we then went out to walk the property.  Periodically, two or three people would turn their lights off and stay put while the rest of us walked on.  After my group stopped,  Gabriel Brown and Glen Pieri headed out.  They were the last two left heading back to camp.  About 15 minutes later, a call came across the radio - "If you guys are messing with us it's not funny" - Gabriel said.  Glen and Gabriel had stopped to rest when they scanned the tree line.  All of a sudden they saw two red lights.  At first they thought they were looking at a house through the woods.  Then all of a sudden the red lights started moving away with a tremendously loud sound.  They said the "eyes" were about eight inches apart and about 7 to 8 feet off the ground.  It took 3 to 4 steps and stopped.  They scanned the area with night vision and head lamps, but saw nothing.  We waited to see if it would come by one of our other teams, but it didn't.  Looking back on it, I wish we had all converged on the area of their sighting, but it is what it is.  This was a sasquatch and it made my wife a believer...which makes my life easier!!!

   Check the photos and audio for the howl and pics from the trip.


Stacy Brown, Jr.


The Sasquatch Hunters

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